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Welcome to Perfect Storm Rattery. I am the practice manager and lead RVT at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital here in beautiful Santa Rosa California. Our AFRMA rattery is based out of my home and is truly a labor of love. Each litter is hand raised by my rattery partner and myself and our kittens are best known for having incredibly "human-centric" personalities. We DNA test every breeding pair multiple times throughout the year to guarantee our rattery remains free of Mycoplasma Pulmonis (the most common respiratory disease in pet rats). This website is updated regularly with test results, litter updates and planned breedings so check back often!


Max/Duke litter born 8/14/20 has been completely reserved

Click on the "pet quality" link to get in touch with my rattery partner about remaining pet quality rats available for adoption. New litters announced soon! 


Max and Duke made some darling facial blazes!

Send us an email early if you have a particular color or pattern in mind. Our three foundation girls will be having their second litters in early October and their kittens get reserved quickly. 


2020 Breeding Females 

Current litter goals: atypical facial markings

Max/Standard ear

Max is a new resident at the rattery and was brought in to pair with Duke to further our facial blaze goals. She and Duke have been inseparable for the past few weeks so our fingers are crossed that they have a litter on the way soon. She is a light brown agouti with striking markings and an easy going temperament. Stay tuned for Max/Duke babies this fall!


2020 Breeding Males

Current litter goals: cuddly temperaments


Where do I begin with Duke?! This big fella comes from a special male rat named Biscuit who is best know for his endearing temperament and striking color. Duke is 100% love bug with humans and is a hopeless romantic for his girlfriend Max. He has a unique bristle coat that is a blend of champagne and agouti and is complemented nicely by that dashing white face wedge marking and berkshire belly.


Pet quality v.s pick of the litter

At Perfect Storm Rattery our primary goal is to breed healthy, even tempered pets that are as beautiful as they are sweet. As an AFRMA rattery we are also always striving for a thick brow, svelte muscular body, long tail and dense, consistent coat. One or two rats in every litter fit that description and are held back as breeding prospects. If you are particularly interested in a fancy rat we request that you click the "pick of the litter" link and let us know what you are looking for so we can help find your dream friend.

Once the litters are weaned at around four or five weeks and the hold backs are selected my Mountain View rattery partner moves the remaining babies out of the Santa Rosa Perfect Storm Rattery and into the fondly named, "Ratville" and continues to hand raise them in her fantastic and enriching family home. 

If you are interested in a pet quality rat we request that you click the "pet quality" link and Ratville will get back to you ASAP with transportation options, adoption dates, and avaliable pets! If this is your first pet rat she is also a wonderful resource for all your questions and concerns. 


DNA Testing 


Duke's Mycoplasma Pulmonis Test


Max' Mycoplasma Pulmonis Test

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