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Welcome to Perfect Storm Rattery. My name is Hannah Darrow and I am the practice manager and lead Registered Veterinary Technician at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital here in beautiful Santa Rosa California. My pet rat journey began as an animal-loving kid who couldn’t have a dog. I gained a sense of pride because the rats’ wellbeing was my responsibility. Now, a few decades later, my love for pet rats still runs deep. After sustaining a hand injury, I shifted my entrepreneurial energy from my successful dog training business to raising Mycoplasma Pulmonis-free rats. And I’m having so much fun!  

Our focus at Perfect Storm Rattery is to breed healthy, friendly rats and to make these bundles of joy more accessible to kind owners. During these socially distant times, we are grateful to provide people with pets who are super-social, family oriented and offer sweet, silly companionship.


Available Now! (Updated 1/1/2021)

"Mulan" litter, born of Duke and Lego 12/4/2020

10 kittens
Ears: Dumbo
Coat: Rex
Colors: agouti 

"Mulan" litter group photo 

Lego is a huge agouti,dumbo, female with a robust, athletic build and Duke is our handsome, oversized, dumbo, rex love bug. These babies are going to be enormous! Click the Adoption Inquiries button to learn more. 

"Ariel" litter, born of Dalton and Duke 12/5/2020

Dalton is a petite, glossy black berkshire rat with dumbo ears and a standard coat. Duke was a busy boy this fall and fathered both of my current litters. His cuddly personality and unique rex coat always yield fantastic kittens. 

Mulan and Ariel litter update 12/28/20

Lego and Dalton are gentle, bonded sisters and decided to co-parent their litters this go-around. At first they made separate nests but soon decided to share nursing and napping duties and it has been a joy to watch. Their kittens are exceptionally sweet and interested in human contact. Although we did not get a ton of facial markings this time, we did get a wide variety of stunning rex and standard agouti coats and majority dumbo ears. 

Litter Highlights 


Breeder Holdbacks from "Ariel" litter 1/1/2021

"Ariel" and "Mulan" litters have been weaned and are stretching their little legs at my rattery partner's home awaiting their new families so please don't hesitate to click on the adoption inquiries link below so she can help you find the perfect match. Pictured here are two stunning cinnamon/mink hold back females with beautiful berkshire markings and darling personalities. If anyone is interested in them specifically I will post when they become available. I may be keeping one to join my family and hopefully pass on their unique coloring.

"Elsa" litter of Duke and Jeffrey born 12/18/2020

Duke: Dumbo/Rex (cinnamon)Jeffrey: Top Ear/Standard (hoody)Litter: 10 kittens, all Dumbo, mixture of black berkshire, PEW and agouti 
*we were hoping Jeffrey would throw hoodies but she did not so this will not be a repete pairing*
Both parents are gentle, human centric rats who bring our household loads of joy!

Jeffrey: Dumbo shaped top ears, standard coat, variegated hoody 

"Elsa" litter born 12/18/2020 of Duke and Jeffrey 

"Elsa" litter update: 1/1/2020

Dumbo & Top ears Rex & Standard 

"Elsa" litter update 1/1/2021

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About The Rattery 

Our AFRMA rattery is based out of my home and is a labor of love. Each litter is hand raised by my rattery partner and myself.  Our kittens are best known for having incredibly "human-centric" personalities.  They enjoy being handled and are trained to use litter boxes from a young age.

We DNA test every breeding pair multiple times throughout the year to guarantee our rattery remains free of Mycoplasma Pulmonis (the most common respiratory disease in pet rats).  We believe rats deserve a high quality of life, free from constant sneezing!  Our radiographic diagnostic procedures are trauma-free so we can ensure the rats are healthy without sacrificing their comfort.  

This website is updated regularly with test results, litter updates and planned breedings so check back often!


Mycoplasma Pulmonis Results 

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